Milano, sede dello Studio Legale Ripamonti

Ripamonti Studio Legale, established by Avv. Daniele Ripamonti, has been practising in Milan since 1990.

Consisting of its founder and a team of four assistant lawyers, the firm focuses on criminal law, but in broader terms specialises in the different types of liability of legal entities, private and public companies and other business vehicles, as well as individuals.


Studio Legale Ripamonti in Corso Matteotti a Milano

Ripamonti Studio Legale is specialised in the following practice areas:

  • financial and corporate crimes: offences relating to companies, finance, banking, tax, insolvency, intellectual property, publishing, public administration, real estate, environment and workplace health and safety;
  • administrative liability and corporate compliance: advice and assistance in preparing Organizational and Compliance Programs for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 231/01 for private and public companies and participating in corporate Supervisory Boards;
  • civil claims and civil liability within criminal proceedings;
  • criminal aspects of insolvency and restructuring procedures and of judicial and extraordinary administration;
  • proceedings in front of the tax commissions;
  • liability for loss of revenue before the Court of Auditors;
  • seizure and confiscation procedures.


Avvocato Daniele Ripamonti

Avv. Ripamonti was born in Luino (VA) in 1960 and is now resident in Milan. He graduated in law from the Università degli Studi di Milano in 1984, with a thesis based on criminal procedure law (110/110 cum laude).

He is a lawyer with the highest rights of audience up to the Supreme Court, enrolled in the Milan Law Society. He is also a consultant for corporations, banks, insurance companies, business associations, public administrative authorities, national and regional public sector companies, as well as private.

In the past, he has been the President of the Milan Criminal Chamber and currently he is Council Member of the Italian Criminal Chambers’ Union.

He has held lecturing posts at Milan’s Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (environmental criminal law), Rome’s Università La Sapienza (corporate crime and administrative liability within the Masters in civil and commercial law), Rome’s Università LUISS (public administration offences within the Masters in administrative law) and at the CUOA Foundation (Centro Universitario di Organizzazione Aziendale or University Centre of Business Organisation of Vicenza and Padova University – Masters in integrated Business Management – Commercial criminal law).

Currently, he has a teaching seat on the board of a Masters in Corporate Crime held at the legal training school Just Legal Services in Milan.

He is involved in conference activity and training in the subject of criminal law in business and public administration, company law and administrative liability in companies and other entities, as well as professional ethics.


Sala riunioni Studio Legale Ripamonti

Legal Team In Ripamonti Studio Legale since
Avv. Raffaella Rizza 2001
Avv. Adele Selene Lista 2013
Avv. Michelangelo Melandri 2015
Dott.ssa Maria Rosaria Cristofaro 2017

Support Staff

  • Erika Paganotti
  • Cristina Alfonso


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